Adaptable system to each installation

Fonestar’s solution is the most complete solution when it comes to the so-called “Patient-Nurse” system. The latest addition of ASSIST is a wireless paging, wandering and alerting system, which complements the patient-nurse system. Other brands offer other systems, such as laundry or access control or others, but these are stand-alone, unrelated systems, even if sold to the customer as a package; most are very tangential to the patient-nurse system and are not necessarily integrated into this system.

Fonestar, for example, offers a voice evacuation system, which, according to current legislation, is mandatory for social-health centres; it is not part of the patient-nurse system, although it could be integrated. In conclusion, no matter how complete our system is, which it is, some functions will always remain outside the scope of the Nurse Call System and this is not part of the system’s specific range of solutions.

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